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Karl Fischer Titration

Mitsubishi CA-21 Moisture Meter

Semi automatic water titration, coulometric.

Location: BC03 H01

Contact: Dazinger Walter

Contact Angle Measurement

Krüss DSA 30

Contact angle, surface free energy, surface tension measurement

Location: BC03 H01

Contact: Roland Bittner


Anton Paar Polarimeter MCP 500

Location: BIEG G04

Contact: Michael Fink

Microwave oven

Biotage Initiator

Batch microwave oven, autosamper 'Sixty'

Location: BI01 G04

Contact: Rycek Lukas


Rotational Vacuum concentrator Christ RVC-25CD plus

rotor capacity 108 x 1,5/2,2 ml tubes up to 2 x microtiter-plates, chemical resistant diaphragm pumps (2 m3/h suction capacity, 9 mbar final vacuum)

Location: BI02 E05

Shaking devices

INFORS MT Multitron Standard

3 level shaker with temperature control (10-70°C)

Location: BI02 E05

Contact: Florian Rudroff

Cyclic Voltammetry

Radiometer Copenhagen VoltaLab PGZ301

Cyclic Voltammetry system

Location: BC03 H01

Contact: Wolfgang Linert


MBRAUN UNIlab glovebox workstation MB-20-G

Storage and handling of oxygen and/or moisture sensitive substances.

Location: BC03 H01

Contact: Glatz Mathias