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Netzsch STA 449 F1

Simultaneous Thermal Analysis System, Stainless steel oven, Autosampler, DSC and DTA sensor, temperature range -150°C/600°C (DSC), RT/1000° (DTA), cooling system gaseous/liquid nitrogen

Location BC03 I09

Contact: Olga Liske

Netzsch DSC 204 F1 Photo-DSC

DSC-system equipped with a special UV probe head, connected to an OmniCure S2000 precision spot curing system. Autosampler.

Location: BC03 I29

Contact: Gorsche Christian

Shimadzu DSC 50

2 x DSC50 modules, RT - 500°C

Location: BC03 H01

Contact: Dazinger Walter

Linseis High Pressure STA

Simultaneous Thermal Analysis System, DSC and DTA sensor, temperature range RT/1600°C, pressure range 10-3 mbar/80 bar, reaction gases: Ar, Ar+2.4% H2, N2, CO, CO2

Location BC U1 J21

Contact: Peter Weinberger