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Research Topics

My current research endeavours aim at the integration of optical and electrical sensors, miniaturized fluid handling systems and electronic components into
microfluidic devices to develop automated lab-on-a-chip systems for applications in biotechnology and medicine.

The main focus of my research is the development of advanced organ-on-a-chip technologies, next-generation microfluidic devices for cell analysis and self-powered sensing applications as well as implantable biosensors and smart implants.

A variety of technologies are employed to achieve those goals including rapid prototyping, such as hot embossing and replica molding; micromachining including photolithography; material science aspects, including biocompatibilities, (bio)interfaces and (bio)functionalization methods; microfluidics including integrated pneumatic valves, micropumps, microdegassers and CFD simulations; as well as various biosensor technologies to monitor dynamic cell responses and activities.