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Heinz Krebs

OR Dipl.-Ing.


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Heinz Krebs (HK) did his diploma studies within the working group of Prof. Dieter Binder on the Synthesis of tricyclic heterocyclic systems. He finished the experimental work of his PhD-thesis in the same group but refused to finalize the written part of the thesis.

He switched over to work in the area of Cheminformatics and run serveral projects at the institute. HK is now responsible for the VMWare-Structure of the server enivronment at the institute and is managing webservers (running on Linux & Windows), Oracle database server, MySQL-server and file-server. In addition he manages the iChemEdu-system (eLearning-Application for laboratory courses) and the chemical compound database at the faculty.

In 2001 he founded an own company (ChemIT) and since 2007 he is running his business as sole proprietorship.

Since 2015 he is also employed at the University of Vienna, developing their inhouse database (and other cheminformatic related projects).

Research works

Databases in Chemistry
He mainted the databases systems of MDL/Symyx/Accelrys for a long time (from ISIS/Host 3 to Isentris 2), not only in administration but also in programming. Additionally the administration of SciFinder and Crossfire was also in his hands.

Chemical compound databases
Based on the knowledge of ISIS/Host-Database-Applications he started to build up an own databases-application for managing the chemical compounds of the institute. Nowadays this web-application contains principle parts of compounds and labware at the faculty and is also used for billing.

eLearning in Chemistry studies
In 2001-2003 he was co-Leader of the Project iChemLab. Within this project several practical courses were assisted with publishing operation procedures on the web, as well as collecting experimental results, statistics. The system is still in use and is still maintained.

He is also responsible for the eChemTest-Testcenter in Vienna running +300 Tests a year.


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